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Have you ever gone to the salon, spent hours in a chair, and spent your hard-earned money to get your hair dyed, cut, or treated? You come home with hair that makes you feel confident. But as time passes, your hair looks brassy, dull, flat, or even broken. These effects could be due to your water quality.

Here are 5 signs of hard water on hair that show hard water is affecting your hair.


One of the signs of hard water on hair is brassiness. Hard water decreases the longevity of hair color. The hair becomes dull, lifeless, and brassy, specifically on bleached hair. Hard water is known to make bleached hair more brassy. This is due to the Iron content. Iron is known to cause an orange or even rusty hue to bleached hair.

Harder to dye

Hard water can affect the initial bleaching of the hair by creating a barrier around the hair follicles, prohibiting them from maintaining moisture and decreasing the time hair dye stays in the hair. This causes trouble at the salon, causing bleach or hair dye to not fully process due to this barrier.

Dry Scalp

Not only does it affect the hair itself, but it also affects the scalp. Hard water can increase the dryness of the scalp. This can cause an increase in dandruff.


Chlorine is a known chemical that dries out hair. When your hair doesn’t have enough moisture, it tends to be fragile; this can cause tension breakage because it is weaker. This can even lead to hair thinning because your hair isn’t strong enough.


Since hard water dries out your hair, this can increase the amount of tangles. Each individual piece of your hair has scales. When moisturized and healthy, these scales lie flat, and your hair will be less tangled. Hard water dries out your hair and makes these scales stick up, making it more likely to get knotted quicker and easier.


For the same reasons as hard water can make your hair break and tangle, it can make it frizzy. This is due to a lack of moisture and minerals in your hair follicles. This frizziness is another one of the signs of hard water on hair.

Knowing this, does clean water provide positive effects on hair?

The short answer is yes, it does!

Clean water doesn’t completely eliminate these issues but hinders the results. It doesn’t dry out the hair, which helps with breakage. It does not create a film around the hair, allowing moisture into the hair. And it does not contain minerals that have adverse effects on hair.

Using a water  will also save you hard-earned money by decreasing salon visits to fix the brassiness on your hair. So overall, clean water eliminates the adverse effects on your hair.

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