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Water is probably one of the most utilized resources in your home (and life if we’re being honest). From taking a shower to cooking pasta for dinner, you use water from the time you wake up until you head to bed. Since you and your family are using it throughout the day, it is important to know whether or not the water in your home is up to the quality you deserve or missing the mark. Today, we are bringing you 3 signs that will tell you if your tap is in tip-top shape or needs some filtration fitness!

Sign #1: You are dealing with hard water stains throughout your home.

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is hard water stains. No matter how hard you scrub, how many different cleaning products you use, or how hard you wish them away, they are some of the most difficult stains that show up in your home. You might have noticed your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, or shower/tub combos are starting to fashion these more frequently. The increase of hard water in your home means unwanted amounts of minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium are present in your water. While hard water doesn’t necessarily pose any health risks, it does leave unsightly stains in your home, which might eventually do a number on your mental health!

Sign #2: Your appliances are underperforming or breaking more frequently.

If you have read our blog on the common contaminants found in our water supply, you know that your home’s water is prone to build-up from chemicals, minerals, and other undesirable contaminants. Untreated water straight from your municipal supply is going straight into your dishwasher, washing machine, and any other appliances that use water. That build-up of the contaminants cakes your appliances, which can lead to decreased performance or worse – breakage. If you are noticing that your appliances are not performing to the high standard they promote or are breaking at an alarming rate, it might be time to look into a whole-home water filtration system.

Sign #3: You’ve noticed your skin and hair are super dry, no matter what products you use.

Are you dreaming of luscious locks and baby soft skin, but in reality dealing with dryness from head to toe? Your water might be to blame! The chemicals in untreated water can dry your hair and skin out and render your hydrating products useless. In fact, we bombard ourselves with chemical absorption by using untreated water for our baths or showers. One can absorb more chemicals in a 10-minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water! Not only are you having to deal with the external effects of bad water, but also the internal effects due to the amount of chemical absorption you experience during your baths and showers.

Seeing any of these 3 signs? Then here’s your next sign: your home might need some type of filtration system.

The signs we’ve mentioned and discussed today can all be met with one solution – a home water filtration system! You will enjoy soft, clean, safe, and healthy water from every water source in your house with a system. Whether you want to jump in and invest in a whole-house water filtration system or want to start out with a water softener, it’s important that you have trusted experts there to help you from consultation to installation! Robertson Family Water has been serving the Middle Tennessee area since 1973. We are a local, family-owned, independently operated business that is honored to serve our neighbors with excellent customer service, industry expertise, and high-quality care every step of the way.

If you’ve been noticing the signs, we would love to come out and give you a free in-home water test to determine what is exactly in your water! No obligations or strings attached! Just our way of serving our entire community – customer or not. And if you are ready to go ahead and purchase a water filtration system, schedule a free 30-minute equipment consultation to get started towards better water today!

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