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What’s In Your Water?

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Where is the water supply coming from, why does it tastes bad and how it can taste better?

The water supply varies from community to community.

Most municipal water supplies in Middle Tennessee are from above ground water sources. They generally have medium hardness levels (which can still leave buildup and cause skin issues) and are highly susceptible to contamination via runoff. For instance, the water supply for Murfreesboro (East Fork Stones River) runs right next to a very large landfill as well as farms. After a rain storm, contaminants will runoff into the water supply and have a negative impact on the quality of water coming into your home. Municipal and private water supplies from underground wells are also susceptible to pollutants via seepage and they generally deal with much harder water along with high iron and sulphur levels.

In general, the water coming from your tap tastes poor due to the chemical content of the water. To improve the quality and the taste of the water, those pollutants must be removed using one or more filtration medias such as ion exchange resin and activated carbon.

TVA, Coal Ash and Pollution on the Cumberland River

Downtown plant still polluting Cumberland River

Hard Water

The most common problem found in water may be hardness. It is generally associated with an abundance of limestone, calcium and/or magnesium dissolved in the water. Hard water causes deposits that form on pipes and other plumbing fixtures, and is the cause of those unsightly water spots on your shower door and sink. When using hard water, more soap or detergent is needed to get things like your hands, hair and laundry clean. Water treatment will rid your home of hard water.

Iron Staining

Water that is red, orange, yellow, brown, or cloudy can signal iron, rust, or other contaminants in your water. Water treatment can address iron staining issues.

Sulphur (Rotten Egg)

You would know it if you had this problem! In some parts of the country, drinking water can contain the chemical hydrogen sulfide gas, which will fill your home with a “rotten egg” smell. Water treatment is the only solution to address sulfur.

Taste and Odors

Does the smell of your water give you flashbacks to summer days spent by the pool? If so, it’s likely that that you have high levels of chlorine in your drinking water. Water treatment is the only way to ensure chemicals are removed from your water.

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