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We have had an excellent experience with Robertson Family Water. Their sales representative was timely in his arrival and was knowledgeable about their products. He was able to recommend a water system that was tailored to our needs rather than suggesting a more expensive product. The installer arrived as expected and fully installed the system in less than 2 hours. While it was recommended to run the water for about 30 minutes to flush out the hard water, we opted to let the water flush through normal use. While the change is slower, we have noticed a significant change in the amount of soap required for a task, water spots are a thing of the past, and there has been no loss in water pressure as a result of the installation. Cost wise – only good news here! We were quoted almost double the price for a similar system in Knoxville. Great value and excellent customer support after the sale. If you are in the market for soft water, I can absolutely recommend Robertson Family Water for your water softener needs.

Alan T.

We love Robertson Family Water! I am very happy with the professional quality of their filtration system and how friendly and informative everyone I have spoke with is. I highly recommend them.

Sandra B.

Very easy to do business with these folks. No high-pressure sales job, just neighbors trying to help you keep you water safe and make your water using appliances last longer. This is the second time I have purchased a system from Robertson Family Water and I’ll do it again if the opportunity presents itself. The systems are easy to use, effective and keep your faucets, drains, etc. looking brand new.

John C.

We are very happy with our new water softener/filtration system. The guys that came to my home were very polite as well as knowledgeable of the system. I am also happy that they will call and remind me that my system needs to be serviced.

Charlotte H..

The entire Robertson Family experience was so extraordinary! Very PROFESSIONAL…very PERSONAL, LOVING, and CARING. The installation was done very quickly. Now the water is LUXURIOUS!!! I would refer EVERYONE to these AMAZING PEOPLE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN MAKING OUR WATER HEALTHIER!! THE HATHAWAY FAMILY

Nakia H.

The week my water system was installed, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. Thanks to Mark and all of the members of his staff. It is refreshing to do business with a respectful and efficient group of people.

Sally A.

I am totally pleased with my whole house water filtration and conditioning system. The water tastes good to drink and my fixtures stay clean and full functioning. When I change the water filter cartridge every quarter, it reminds me why this was money well spent.

Rodney W.

Great family owned/operated business in Murfreesboro. Install took 1 hour, clean, neat, and well explained. Follow-up is fantastic and pricing is better than most. Nice units and takes up very little space and easy to understand, and adjustable in case you don’t want your water 100% treated. Very pleased and would recommend to anybody looking for softener or other type water treatment options. Far exceeds our expectations.

Kathy D.

We were delighted to find Robertson Family Water shortly after moving to Tennessee. Since we already were believers in soft treated water, we knew we wanted a system ASAP. We met with several companies but once we connected with Robertson, we knew we found the right folks AND an excellent system. Before our purchase, I struggled with miserable shower and tub maintenance and unpleasant showers in general. We have been thrilled with everything from sales to service with Robertson. Honestly, have them over and get educated about your water. It’s a no brainer to go with them.

Jill L.

Great experience so far. I had an old and troublesome well water treatment system replaced by Robertson Family Water and my water has never looked or tasted as good as it does now. They worked around my very busy schedule for the site visit and the installation.

Tim R.

My husband and I are building a new home and in the process we are renting, and to find out we are renting a home and are on well water. Our skin and hair was starting to feel horrible and Robertson Family Water came and installed a system and now we are back to normal but even better than before (IT IS AMAZING). There system is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone in need; they are even going to pick it up and install it in our brand new home for us when our new home is complete. NOW THAT SPEAKS VOLUME FOR ME:)

Stephanie B.

Our water service changed recently and it was destroying our appliances, so we looked around and decided on Family Robertson Water. AND we have never looked back. They have been personal, professional, timely and the product has worked great so far. We have had the filter system for about a year. Great company!

Dawn C.

We installed our whole house water filtration system in August of last year. I was skeptical and not sure we would really see a noticeable difference. I was completely wrong. My kids do not have eczema on their skin anymore and my wife says that her hair finally feels clean after washing it. The chemicals in city water are absolutely horrifying. I had a great experience with Robertson Family Water from the sales quote to after the install follow up. It’s totally worth the investment to install one of these in your home and there is no maintenance involved. The device is self cleaning and you only have it serviced every 5 years. In closing, I do not normally write reviews but I wanted to share our story because I believe in this company and product.

Nick S.

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