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Why should I care about my water?

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The quality of your water impacts you, your family and your home on many levels.

Our world-class water treatment systems will remove nasty chemicals and pollutants that contribute to a myriad of health issues. You will also enjoy reduced calls to the plumber, eliminate the purchase of expensive refrigerator filters as well as eliminating costly descaling of your water heater.

Health and Beauty

In addition to extending the life of appliances–water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, shower heads and faucets–the benefits of healthy water also have a positive impact on health and beauty. Most people report having issues with soaps and shampoo to lathering, dry/itchy skin and/or issues with styling hair, and many are unaware that their water is the reason for these issues. We are actually bombarding ourselves with chemical absorption through water when taking baths or showers. One can absorb more chemicals in a 10-minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water!

Effects on Food

Stomach ailments can appear due to the chemical content killing the good bacteria in your gut. If you rinse your organic fruits and vegetables in chemically treated water, or cook with contaminated water, your food is also absorbing those chemicals! Removing those chemicals means you can drink and cook with healthy, better tasting water.

Effects on Clothing

Bad water can have negative effects on your laundry. When you run your clothes though the wash, you expect that your clothes will be clean when they come out; but your water is actually trapping dirt and soap in the fibers of your favorite shirt! Having clean water in your home will ensure that your laundry comes out clean.

The list goes on and on! So call us, or book an appointment online now to get more information.

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