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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q Why can’t I drink the water out of the faucet?

A By drinking the water coming out of the faucet you’re exposing yourself to an onslaught of chemicals such as fluoride (that’s been shown to suppress immune and thyroid function), CHLORINE (that kills the good bacteria in your gut, and its byproducts have been shown to be the leading cause of bladder cancer), hexavalent chromium (the Erin Brockovich chemical that is a known cancer causing chemical) and lead, aluminum & other heavy metals (that have been linked to development issues in children as well as nerve, brain and kidney damage). This list is really just the tip of the iceberg when discussing water quality.

Q What’s changed so dramatically over the years?

A Part of the problem is that very little has changed in regards to testing and regulation of clean water of the past 40+ years. There are thousands of unregulated chemicals (hexavalent chromium is one example) that aren’t being tested for in water or have no maximum contamination levels. This means that these chemicals are still being released into our water sources and becoming more prevalent every day in the water we use.

Q How much space will my water system take up?

A A whole house system takes up very little space. We have systems that take up as little as 16×22 inches of floor space, and stand 35 inches tall, and pack just as much cleaning power as much larger units. When treating well water with certain types of contamination, there are cases where the equipment space needed is more, but we always work with the customer to strike a balance between form and function.

Q Can I put a system in my apartment?

A We have a number of customers that have a system in their apartment. We do need to make sure we have access to the main water line coming into the apartment (unless only treating hot water). The customer must also receive permission from apartment management before installation.

Q Can I take the water system with me if I move?

A Your whole house system is for your family, not for your home. It’s completely up to you whether or not you take your system with you to your new home. Many times a whole house system is looked at as a benefit when buying/selling a home. Just make sure you mention it to your real estate agent if you plan to leave it in the home.

Q If I drink alkaline water do I need a system?

A You absolutely should treat all the water in your home even if you’re drinking alkaline water. There are a couple of reasons for this–many of the systems used to make water alkaline do not remove contaminants and, even if they do, you are only treating a small part of your exposure to those dangerous contaminants. A major part of treating the whole house is that you gain the benefits of treating all of the water that you use in your home. This means reduced exposure to contaminants from drinking water, the water you bathe/shower in and the water you cook with.

Q Can I use my alkaline system with your system?

A A whole house system can be used in conjunction with your current alkaline system. Also, if you’re looking to increase the pH of your drinking water, we also have systems that can do that with very little additional cost.

Q What kind of maintenance is required for your system?

A Our systems require very little maintenance. Depending on the type of system you choose, you will only need to fill the brine tank and/or change a filter a couple times a year. The great thing with our systems is we do not require a technician to come to your home to perform maintenance (although we do offer that service, if requested). All maintenance can be performed easily by the homeowner.

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