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Floor plans, countertop options, and paint colors – oh my! If you’re building a home, you know that there is a process of installation that is followed to ensure that everything goes in at the right time. Most of the time, things are happening simultaneously so that you can start enjoying your new home as soon as possible! If you have been reading our blog and are ready to invest in a whole-house water filtration system for your new home, then follow these 3 simple steps to get yours installed with ease and build your home with better water.

1) Schedule a free equipment consultation.

If you are unhappy with your water quality, there is no need to test it! Whether it’s the unfavorable smell and taste or frustration with hard water stains, you know you deserve better. Our free 30-minute equipment consultation will bring a water expert right to your site, discuss what you are needing in a system, and then recommend the best solution for you and your family. From there, we will get the system ordered and schedule your installation!

2) Finalize your paint colors and get ready for your installation.

Once your system is in our hands, we will head out to your home to install it. We have found that installing a water filtration system before you move in is a seamless process for both you and us! No need for you to move boxes, bikes, or leafblowers out of the way for us to get to the installation spot, and no need for us to maneuver around any of that either. It’s a win-win! This is normally around the 4-week out mark. Since your whole-house water filtration system normally goes in your garage, we can be there as the painters are finishing up! While your paint dries, you will be on your way to cleaner, safer, softer water.

3) Enjoy your new home built with better water!

Floors – installed. Paint – dried. Water – safe. After a long day of moving in, you will probably just want a tall glass of water and a nice, hot bath. Great news…you can enjoy both without any of the harmful contaminants that lurk in untreated water thanks to your whole-house water filtration system! Since you followed these 3 easy steps, you are now enjoying your new home AND clean, safe water from every faucet!

Invest in Yourself and Your Family with a Whole-House Water Filtration System

You and your family deserve a home with better water. From extended appliance life, safe drinking water, cleaner laundry, and more, a whole-house water filtration system will be the best investment you make towards creating a happier, healthier home! If you are building now or have it on the radar for the future, be sure to schedule a free equipment consultation so you can enjoy an easy installation and safe water as soon as you move in!

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