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Congratulations! You’ve invested in a water filtration system and now have safe, clean water throughout your home. Just like with any investment, you want to ensure that you are keeping up with the proper servicing and maintenance your system requires so that you can enjoy it for years to come! Thankfully, most systems (ours included) do not require technical skills to take care of your system. However, they do require a timely schedule and the appropriate materials. Not sure if you should invest in our maintenance plan or HGTV-it and do it yourself? Keep reading to see which plan of action is best for your water filtration system maintenance!

Do It Yourself

We commend you, DIY-er! As we mentioned earlier, our systems do not require technical skills or additional training other than what we give you at your installation. Depending on your system, you will either need 1) salt to refill the brine tank or 2) a water filter. We sell both of these products so you can be sure it’s made for your exact system. No matter the system, you will also need a calendar and time. Okay, that second one might be a little obvious, but it’s true! Your calendar will help you keep track of your maintenance schedule so you keep your system running as it should. Servicing your system doesn’t require a lot of time, but you must have the time to set aside to ensure you don’t let it go by the wayside. If you are able to secure all of these elements, then DIY is probably the way to go for you!

Pay the Pros

If you didn’t feel comfortable working on your new Corvette, would you force yourself to do it? No way! You would find a trusted shop with the most knowledgeable experts to work on it instead. The same scenario applies to the maintenance of your water filtration system! If you don’t have the confidence, time, or know-how to service it, paying your local water filtration system professionals is a no-brainer. At Robertson Family Water, we offer service plans for any* whole-house water filtration systems (*some restrictions may apply). You don’t have to keep up with when you last changed the filter or refilled your salt – you don’t even have to worry about ordering materials! We will take care of your system by keeping it on a regular maintenance schedule and providing the exact materials your system needs for a flat rate! To learn more about this plan and get started on yours, give us a call at (615) 895-6600. 

So, which will it be?

Whether you’re going to DIY or pay us, keeping up with your whole-house water filtration system maintenance is a MUST. Your system will thank you for it! And don’t forget that Robertson Family Water is your trusted local water expert for all of your products, service plans, and water filtration needs!

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