Why Women Care About Clean Water

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Women are more in tune with the benefits of healthy water for themselves and their families, and how the quality of water impacts health.

Typically it’s issues women have with shampooing and styling their hair that brings awareness to water issues. Hair may be dry or limp, or their shampoo may not lather.

Children are more susceptible to chemical absorption through water when taking baths or showers, and dry skin and rashes are a result of chemically treated water.  One can absorb more chemicals in a 10 minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered water, which can also lead to major health concerns. Your laundry doesn’t get as clean, and chlorine does fade colors.

Stomach ailments can appear due to chlorine killing the good bacteria in your gut. If you rinse your organic fruits and vegetables in chemically treated water, or cook with contaminated water, you’re instantly absorbing chemicals. And ladies are sensitive to how water affects their dishes and laundry. Spots on the glasses and faded clothing.