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Clean water with fewer chemicals allows you to enjoy safer water that is better to drink and bathe in, but did you know there are hidden benefits ready to surprise you after you install your new whole-water water filtration system? Today, we are highlighting five of those benefits! From dramatically different dishes to brighter whites, you’re in for a treat when you invest in a system! Ready to learn more? Let’s get into 5 surprising benefits of a whole-house water filtration system!

Benefit #1: You’ll enjoy softer skin and hair.

With a whole-house water filtration system, you will find that your personal hygiene products will perform better and more effectively. In fact, you’ll use up to 75% less shampoo and soap simply because they will lather up better! Your body won’t be absorbing chemicals (such as chlorine) that are well-known for drying out skin and hair. No more straw-like, dried-out skin and hair. Only luscious locks and soft skin from here on out!

Are you someone who likes to invest in your skincare and haircare products? Why continue to rinse them off with water that is potentially voiding out the benefits you bought them for? Make your investments last longer and actually perform to their highest potential with a water filtration system! This is especially important for those who are trying to lower their toxic load with toxin-free products. The dangerous chemicals found in our water aren’t magically going away when you use safer, less chemical-laden products! This is why it’s all the more important to invest in a water filtration system that rids your water of all contaminants that are posing a threat to your health.

Benefit #2: Your dishes will be cleaner.

Picture this: you’ve loaded up the dishwasher. Gotten everything in one load – big win. You run it and go finish your other household chores. A couple of hours later, you’re back in the kitchen unloading and you pull a glass out. Cloudy. You pull another one out. It’s cloudy, too. You pull a couple of forks out. Stained with streaks of hard water. The worst, right? If you’re anything like us, you end up throwing them in the sink to rinse again – maybe even wash if they are being stubborn. What was supposed to be an easy, one-and-done task turned into a whole chore! 

With a whole-house water filtration system, the water you wash your dishes with will no longer be hard which means no more hard water stains! Your dishwasher will work more properly with the cleaner water, which means doing the dishes will truly be a one-and-done chore! (said in our best infomercial voice) But wait! There’s more! Your dishwasher will last longer with your newfound soft water! Hard water oftentimes cakes up appliances and causes performance and service issues. No hard water means a longer appliance lifetime. Soft water saves you time and money. The initial investment of a whole-house water filtration system pays for itself in no time at all.

Benefit #3: Laundry will be easier.

Okay, this benefit might be a *little* misleading, but we promise we’re not trying to trick you! Laundry won’t be any more fun to tackle, but it will be easier to actually get clean clothes with every load! No extra products like laundry boosters required. Your soft water brings benefits to your laundry room by getting your clothes cleaner. How? The contaminants in your untreated water contribute to the buildup found in your clothes. Do you know when your clothes just don’t quite feel or smell totally clean? Yeah, that’s the buildup we are talking about. Dirt, sweat, chemicals, and contaminants all come together to wear your favorite shirt and most comfortable towel out in record time. 

Want to extend the life of your laundry? You need two things: a whole-house water filtration system and pure soap. In fact, this dynamic duo increases the life of clothing, towels, and linens up to 33%! Again, the investment in a system pays for itself with the benefits you get to enjoy for years to come! Remember that little bonus benefit to benefit #2? The same goes for your washing machine. You get a longer lifespan for your appliance, apparel, and linens with your one-time investment in your water filtration system!

Benefit #4: No more hardcore scrubbing on your house’s surfaces. 

Listen, we know we’re talking a lot about household chores, but it’s where the hidden benefits of your whole-house water filtration system really shine! If you have hard water in your house, you know the pain and misery of trying to scrub away hard water stains. Whether it’s on the counters, shower walls, or tile floors, these stains are stubborn and sometimes don’t ever go completely away. A whole-house water filtration system gets rid of all of the contaminants that contribute to hard water and distributes soft, clean water throughout your home. That means less elbow grease when it comes time to scrub down the shower, bathroom counters, tile floors, and all of your other surfaces susceptible to splashes of water!

While it won’t get rid of existing stains, your new soft water won’t contribute to any additional staining. In addition to less staining, you’ll also realize your water is smelling better! No more nasty chemical-smelling scents wafting through your house. You’ll notice a difference and never want to go back.

Benefit #5: Your gut will be healthier.

Ever wondered why your organic fruits and vegetables are still making your stomach upset? It just might be because of your faucet! The chemicals found in our untreated water oftentimes kill the good bacteria in your gut, leaving it struggling to maintain its health. Your once-healthy organic fruits and vegetables are being rinsed and cooked with chemically-treated water, which negates all of the benefits of buying organically in the first place!

A whole-house water filtration system runs your water through a series of processes and removes these harmful chemicals. You will be able to rinse your fruits and vegetables with healthy water, cook all of your food with clean water, and drink even better-tasting water all in one fell swoop! Again, the benefits truly pay for the investment of your system in no time. You get to reap the rewards throughout your whole home, which is priceless!

The benefits go beyond the faucet!

And that was benefit #5, folks! Did any of the 5 surprising benefits of a whole-house water filtration system shock you? What about convince you to dive a little deeper into what all a system can do for you? If you’re looking for more information, we are here to help! Check out our other articles and blog posts on our site or schedule an appointment with us! We would love the opportunity to conduct a free in-home water test and tell you more about how all of these amazing benefits can be yours. Click here to schedule your appointment today!

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